Time to Get Connected!

by Zach on May 14, 2014

This May, with the start of the trade show season, we launch our new LA2 Connected System of modular lighting and a subset of that system, Connected|Rings. The Connected system is a kit of parts that can be assembled in limitless configurations using a standard connector. Built with LA2 Technologies, the new system features the same precision construction, integrated LED system, and vast color options as our other LA2 products.

Connected|Rings is a specialized subset of Connected that can be used to build rings, six to sixteen feet in diameter. While other large rings may have unsightly frames or flimsy fabric shades, Connected|Rings give you flawless glow, stunning size, and extraordinary durability, all without compromise.


Want to see them in person? We’ll be showing a spectacular set of rings at:

HD Expo in Las Vegas – May 14-16 – Booth #1735

ICFF in New York – May 17-20 – Booth #936

NeoCon in Chicago – June 9-11 – 8th Floor, Suite #4094

Can’t make it to the trade shows? No worries. Bask in the all ring-tastic glory on your favorite device with our May wallpaper download.

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