The Man Behind the Seams – Ron Trowbridge

by Amy on March 29, 2013

This week on Illuminate we are spending some time with our Lead Fabricator, Ron Trowbridge.  A master when it comes to crafting our beautiful fixtures, Ron knows how to work through some of the more difficult fabrication techniques and make sure our fixtures really sing.


Position: Lead Fabricator
Time at LightArt: About 2 years
Famous For: His good-mood-inducing-over-the-top-raucous exclamations of “Good Morning!” at morning Team Meetings


Illuminate: Rumor has it that you used to be an underwater welder – how does one get into that?

Ron: Well, I was actually what is called a Commercial Diver.  I had a friend that went to school for it and he told me it was really fun.  So I went to school at the Divers Institute of Technology and became a Commercial Diver too.

Illuminate: Most people I know (myself included) don’t really know what a Commercial Diver does – what type of projects did you work on?

Ron: My first job was working offshore in the Gulf of Mexico repairing oil rigs and the pipe lines that go to them.  After that I worked for a drinking water company, diving in potable water reservoirs to inspect and repair them.

Illuminate: Commercial Diving sounds so adventurous, what do you think was the coolest thing about being a Commercial Diver?

Ron: Telling people I was a Commercial Diver

Illuminate: Does your experience in Commercial Diving help you with your work at LightArt?

Ron: Yes, the day to day problem solving skills directly translate, as does being able to maintain a cool demeanor in any circumstance.

Illuminate: What do you do at LightArt in 10 words or less?

Ron: Everything from troubleshooting, to building, to scheduling.

Illuminate: What is your favorite LightArt fixture?

Ron: Even though everyone probably says it, the Dragon.

Illuminate: What is your favorite thing about being a Fabricator at LightArt?

Ron: There is something new all the time.

That’s all folks! Stay tuned next week for more current events from LightArt!

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