Time to Get Connected!

by Zach on May 14, 2014

This May, with the start of the trade show season, we launch our new LA2 Connected System of modular lighting and a subset of that system, Connected|Rings. The Connected system is a kit of parts that can be assembled in limitless configurations using a standard connector. Built with LA2 Technologies, the new system features the [...]

Bound for ICFF

by Amy on April 4, 2013

Here at LightArt, we are busy prepping for the spring trade show circuit.  Including HI Connect, HD, NeoCon, ICFF we have a busy season ahead of us! Deep-seated in LightArt history, ICFF 2005 is what started the whole adventure.  Looking back on these photos, it’s amazing how far LightArt has come in such a short [...]