Scale it Up

by Amy on January 18, 2013

This week at LightArt we are featuring a peek behind the scenes of developing a brand new custom fixture!

A new fixture can start in many ways, whether it be sketching, digitally modeling, or, my personal favorite, old-fashioned hand-built models like those shown here!  The in-depth design process for this fixture spanned several sketches, and several iterations of physical models.  Each pass brought us closer to the perfect fixture, and four models in, we nailed it.

But that’s just the beginning.  When it came time to turn this little four-inch-high bundle of paper tubes into a real life fixture, we decided the safest and most budget-friendly approach would be to do a full-scale mockup to iron out any kinks with tube height and placement.  Once we have a handle on the exact frame dimensions and tube layout, then we start cutting into  our pristine 8″ acrylic tubes and assembling this new chandelier.


Stay tuned for pictures of this completed Cylinder Chandelier in the weeks to come!



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