HighRes: Shatter Expectations

by Zach on September 17, 2014

Luscious fabrics and rich colors are what you’ve come to expect when it comes to LightArt and 3form material options. Yes, there are already over 10,000 interlayer combinations, but why limit yourself? What do you do when you need something unique to set your design apart? How can you break your clients’ expectations in the best way? The answer, of course, is HighRes – high-resolution graphics integrated into 3form Varia Ecoresin.

3form-lightart-collection-drum-classic-highres-vade-1920 (more →)

Turn up the heat!

by Sara on August 6, 2014

At LightArt, we are often approached with clients looking to evoke a certain feeling in their projects. Whether it’s a focus on a spatial quality, a color palette, or a familiar form, the design can be directed a number of ways. In the past, projects have drawn inspiration from something as simple as a color photograph of a summer day to a quick paper model of a fluid shape.


My favorite request to date?

“I want something that’s 17′-0″ tall… and cool. Cool and icy.”


On the opposite end of the spectrum, we get a LOT of requests for hot, fiery fixtures.  Given the season, we thought it would be appropriate to drop into the LightArt vault and highlight some fixtures that truly turn up the heat! (more →)

Barkitecture 2014

by Sara on June 12, 2014

Earlier this month, LightArt participated in Barkitecture, a yearly fundraising event put on by the NW division of Luxe Magazine

Teams of six, comprised of an Architect, Contractor, Interior Designer, Landscape Architect, and two Project Managers, were grouped randomly and set to the task of creating a doghouse to be auctioned off for charity. Each team had a month to design and build the project, culminating in a Seahawks themed event at the Seattle Design Center. All proceeds were donated to Brigadoon Dogs, an organization that trains and provides service animals to those in need. (more →)

Time to Get Connected!

by Zach on May 14, 2014

This May, with the start of the trade show season, we launch our new LA2 Connected System of modular lighting and a subset of that system, Connected|Rings. The Connected system is a kit of parts that can be assembled in limitless configurations using a standard connector. Built with LA2 Technologies, the new system features the same precision construction, integrated LED system, and vast color options as our other LA2 products.

Connected|Rings is a specialized subset of Connected that can be used to build rings, six to sixteen feet in diameter. While other large rings may have unsightly frames or flimsy fabric shades, Connected|Rings give you flawless glow, stunning size, and extraordinary durability, all without compromise.


Want to see them in person? We’ll be showing a spectacular set of rings at:

HD Expo in Las Vegas – May 14-16 – Booth #1735

ICFF in New York – May 17-20 – Booth #936

NeoCon in Chicago – June 9-11 – 8th Floor, Suite #4094

Can’t make it to the trade shows? No worries. Bask in the all ring-tastic glory on your favorite device with our May wallpaper download.

Collaborate with LightArt

by Zach on April 9, 2014

Our Process, A Case Study

When you work with LightArt, whether purchasing a standard product or commissioning a custom project, we’ll be right there with you, every step of the way. We work with architects, designers, purchasers, contractors, and everyone in between to ensure your project is designed, built, and installed exactly as intended. You aren’t just a customer, you’re a collaborator. When you succeed, we succeed, and we’ll do everything we can to make your project successful.

Our recent partnership on a local project is an excellent example of how we create together. From concept to completion, LightArt collaborated with Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty to design a unique work called “Sea Change” for their new showroom just north of Seattle. The 45-foot long sculptural installation weaves through the central gathering room and flourishes within the retail space. Also included are a cluster of beautiful Blossom pendants, two giant rings in the lobby, and an iconic 8-foot chandeliers in the Grand Hall, adding to the unique atmosphere of the space.’

“Working with LightArt has been an illuminating experience and we’re simply elated with their installation,” said Dean Jones, Owner of Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty.

Wine Tasting Area - Ribbon Sculpture

Wine Tasting Area – Ribbon Sculpture

Office Area - Blossom Pendants and Elements Chandelier

Office Area – Blossom Pendants and Elements Chandelier

Ribbon Sculpture - Detail

Ribbon Sculpture – Detail

"Sea Change" - Full View (Almost)

“Sea Change” – Full View (Almost)

C3 Color Staff Picks

by Zach on April 3, 2014

With all the new colors available for LA2, picking a color just got a lot harder. However, no need to fear the LightArt staff is here! With a little information about your design intent and inspiration, we’re happy to help you choose the color of your dreams.

To provide a little inspiration, ten of us each picked out a palette of a few of our favorite colors.

Amy's Stormy WeatherBruce's Silver FoxCaleb's TopsiderJami's AlohaKashley's Ka$h MoneyMac's Ballard GraffitiNicole's CoastalRyan's BSA YellowSara's SeattleZach's Dune Sea

From the looks of the collection, I’d say we’re all in the mood for Spring and perhaps a beach vacation! (Or at least a break from the Seattle rain).

Readiness for warmer weather aside, what would you pick?


Palette Playtime

by Zach on March 20, 2014

Here are three fun color palettes from previous projects. While they’re similar at first glance, a few small changes help them span a range from spring-time frolicking to sophisticated elegance.

Fun and Friendly

Strong and Sophisticated

Dream in Color

by Zach on March 12, 2014

Color is everything. When color is right, form is right.” -Marc Chagall

Light and color are inseparable– bound together in both science and art, from optics to abstract expressionism. Color affects our emotions as well as simply the way we navigate the world. Color alone can represent a brand, a mood, or just tell you when to cross an intersection

lawnMidnight-hushcobaltx2-hush hush-vitCmarigoldpersimmonx2-hush

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