Much Ado About RTG

by Amy on October 11, 2012

What is RTG?  As a relatively recent addition to the LightArt Team I found myself asking that question, and then, I found myself being asked that question on a relatively regular basis thereafter.  RTG is the Ready To Go line, and features products made by both LightArt and 3Form.  So if it is just a product line, why all the questions? The short answer is, RTG is LightArt’s offering of standard products for standard prices, and in an industry where we do a lot of custom work, the lines can get a little fuzzy between just exactly what constitutes custom vs. Ready to Go.

So this week, I thought I would jot down a few of the most commonly asked questions about our RTG line and provide answers here on Illuminate.  Afterall, RTG is pretty great and can offer some of our more popular fixtures at a more accessible price point.   I figure that if even just a few people walk away with the understanding that all they have to do is pick out a fixture and a color from the RTG line and their beautiful new handmade fixture will be ready to ship out of our shop in a mere 3 weeks, well that’s just time well spent.

Why RTG?

As I mentioned, RTG is our line of “standard” fixtures.  Simply stated, we have a set of pre-determined options that allows us to offer the RTG line at a more competitive price point because we already know how to build it, have streamlined our production, and know that if we only use 1/36th of a whole sheet of material, we will have another RTG order just around the corner to use up the rest. What this means to our customers is that they can pay the same competitive price per unit for a single fixture as they would for 50 fixtures!  This is a nice benefit of RTG if you are only purchasing one or two fixtures because the sheet yield, or number of fixtures per sheet of 3Form material does not impact the price.

Can I personalize an RTG fixture at all?

Though RTG is more of a pre-determined set of standards, we do offer a couple of areas of customization to allow greater design flexibility for our customers.  First, we offer a line of color options for the RTG fixtures – though these color options do not include all 10,000 colors that we can make, we selected some of our more popular colors and included them in the RTG line.

Secondly, we offer a some flexibility in the lamping.  As you already know from reading Illuminate, we do not use incandescent lamps in our fixtures, and when using CFL’s there is an important decision to be made – what color temperature?  Color temperature is another option that our customers can customize with RTG – if they prefer a cooler lamp to a warm lamp, we can do that!  Just be sure to tell us, because our standard lamp temperature is 3500k.

What are RTG non-negotiables?

When working with RTG, our clients receive the benefits of more competitive pricing.  On the flip side, they understandably lose the ability to customize anything and everything about the fixture.  So when ordering an RTG fixture, it is safe to say that the following are non-negotiables (and when I say non-negotiables, I don’t mean we can’t make it, I just mean we can’t offer it as part of our RTG line and will move into the exciting world of custom fixtures):



Lamp wattage

Cord/Hardware Color

I hope that this helps to clarify just exactly what the RTG line is and why it is perfect for some projects – and if RTG isn’t right for your next project, just give us a call and we can discuss how to build exactly what you are looking for!

Stay tuned next week for exciting new photos and information about what we’ve been up to in the studio!



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