Love is in the air…

by Zach on February 6, 2014

It’s February, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, love is in the air, and there are few things we love more than motorcycles.We’ve got some exciting new products that we are photographing, and for those of you familiar with last year’s LA2 catalog, you know no photoshoot is complete without at least one motorcycle.

While the Ducati we used last time is a bit more well known, this latest shoot featured Ryan’s vintage BSA. A 441 Victor Special, this venerable beast cranks out a whopping 441cc from a one-cylinder engine. We are enamored by the classic lines and unique styling of the tank. A single speedometer and distinctive headlight round out the antique aesthetic.

We are constantly inspired by the blend of form and function that goes into motorcycle design. The balance of aesthetics and engineering is something we deal with everyday, and we have endless admiration for those that weave the two successfully. Although the reputation of the engineering of the BSA bikes in particular is somewhat questionable when compared to other bikes, looking at the historical context, we respect that BSA was doing something that no one else was at the time in integrating performance with the classic design.

Whether it’s a modern Ducati, a classic BSA, or even the rusty Honda project that we couldn’t resist, they all offer something to love. In the end, it’s that love, that passion, that drives us, whether tinkering with an engine or building light fixtures.

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