Keeping Warm by the Fire

by Amy on November 8, 2012

As we move deeper into Autumn and the last of the leaves begin to fall from the trees, we are heating things up inside the studio!  To ward off the cold, we have been working all week on this beautifully fiery ribbon chandelier.

Evoking a sense of glowing embers and undulating flames as the ribbons move through one another and around the fixture, the Artisans have captured the warmth and alluring quality of an open fire.  Comprised entirely of red ribbons, the chandelier is a stunning example of the organic quality of heat-formed Varia Ecoresin.

Watching the Artisans move through the process, from attaching the very first ribbon to making sure the overall composition looks perfect from every angle has been a lot of fun this week.  As we near completion and are tying up all the loose ribbons, I am always surprised when they shut off all the ambient lights and the chandelier changes from a vibrant red sculpture to a glowing array of flames surrounding a central core of embers in yellows and oranges.  The dramatic difference between night and day packs double the impact and is definitely worth a return trip to see after the sun sets.

LightArt Artisans warm up by the fire

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