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Ignite/Create: Interview – Truitt Raun, Architect and Origami Master

by Tessa on June 10, 2015

During our Ignite/Create tour stop in Houston we had the chance to meet Truitt Raun, designer at Gensler, origami extraordinaire and winner of our Houston Paper Pendant Challenge. Afterwards, he agreed to chat with us and share his wisdom on creativity, design and turning your ideas into action. We hope his message inspires you as [...]

Turn up the heat!

by Sara on August 6, 2014

At LightArt, we are often approached with clients looking to evoke a certain feeling in their projects. Whether it’s a focus on a spatial quality, a color palette, or a familiar form, the design can be directed a number of ways. In the past, projects have drawn inspiration from something as simple as a color photograph [...]

Barkitecture 2014

by Sara on June 12, 2014

Earlier this month, LightArt participated in Barkitecture, a yearly fundraising event put on by the NW division of Luxe Magazine.  Teams of six, comprised of an Architect, Contractor, Interior Designer, Landscape Architect, and two Project Managers, were grouped randomly and set to the task of creating a doghouse to be auctioned off for charity. Each [...]

Collaborate with LightArt

by Zach on April 9, 2014

Our Process, A Case Study When you work with LightArt, whether purchasing a standard product or commissioning a custom project, we’ll be right there with you, every step of the way. We work with architects, designers, purchasers, contractors, and everyone in between to ensure your project is designed, built, and installed exactly as intended. You [...]

C3 Color Staff Picks

by Zach on April 3, 2014

With all the new colors available for LA2, picking a color just got a lot harder. However, no need to fear the LightArt staff is here! With a little information about your design intent and inspiration, we’re happy to help you choose the color of your dreams. To provide a little inspiration, ten of us [...]

Much Ado About RTG

by Amy on October 11, 2012

What is RTG?  As a relatively recent addition to the LightArt Team I found myself asking that question, and then, I found myself being asked that question on a relatively regular basis thereafter.  RTG is the Ready To Go line, and features products made by both LightArt and 3Form.  So if it is just a [...]