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A Flurry of Creativity

by Zach on January 7, 2015

Rather than forcing yourself to the gym this January, why not try a new resolution? Why not do something different, yet equally important? While we’re all for keeping our bodies healthy, what good is a healthy body without a healthy brain? After all, your mind needs stretching too! This new year, it’s time to ignite [...]

HighRes: Shatter Expectations

by Zach on September 17, 2014

Luscious fabrics and rich colors are what you’ve come to expect when it comes to LightArt and 3form material options. Yes, there are already over 10,000 interlayer combinations, but why limit yourself? What do you do when you need something unique to set your design apart? How can you break your clients’ expectations in the [...]

Time to Get Connected!

by Zach on May 14, 2014

This May, with the start of the trade show season, we launch our new LA2 Connected System of modular lighting and a subset of that system, Connected|Rings. The Connected system is a kit of parts that can be assembled in limitless configurations using a standard connector. Built with LA2 Technologies, the new system features the [...]

Twilight Mirage

by Amy on June 20, 2013

This week at LightArt, we have been busy building these beautiful Mirage Drums.  Featured in our 2012 catalog, the Mirage Drum features the Mirage Twirl Varia EcoResin in the 3Form Play line.  Typically, Mirage drums are requested in the Aquarius or Claret colorways, but these beautifully mysterious drums showcase the Twilight color in all of [...]

Cheerful Happy Pendants!

by Amy on June 13, 2013

This week at LightArt, we have been working on these adorable purple pendants!  Every time I walk by them, they make me think of hula hoops, lollipops, and sunshine!  Made with our Translucent Suede and Bewitched x1 Varia Ecoresin, it is always exciting for us to work with vibrant colors like purple on our more [...]

Poppies Are in Season!

by Amy on June 6, 2013

This week at LightArt, our shop has been in full bloom with these beautiful Poppy Pendants!  Marking a new exploration in our Elements Chandelier line, the Poppy Pendant features long, organically formed Elements petals that wrap and move gracefully around each fixture.  The result is a fantastic piece that is reminiscent of a couture dress [...]

The Makings of a Menagerie

by Amy on May 30, 2013

Here at LightArt, you can imagine the whole wide world of custom ideas that we get requests for.  Some, like the Dragon, become a larger than life reality.  Others don’t always come to life, though they all go down in LightArt history as valiant attempts to take a light fixture to the next level. This [...]

Come Visit Us!

by Amy on May 16, 2013

This week, LightArt has been hanging at the HD Tradeshow in Las Vegas! Showing off LA2 at the 3Form booth, #2339, it’s definitely worth a visit to Mandalay Bay on the strip if you haven’t been yet!  We are there through tomorrow, Friday 5/16/13, so come on down and see the latest light fixtures from [...]