Amy’s Spring Fashion Formula

by Zach on March 27, 2014

This week’s blog post was written by our all-star project manager, and self-proclaimed fashion expert, Amy. Ready to embrace Spring 2014? Read on!

Spring Fashion Formula: Mix One Part Vintage Glam, Two Parts Hipster, and Just a Dash of Grunge

With spring fashion week just a couple of weeks past and the first dry enough day to ride café racers falling upon Seattle, it’s that time of year when we shrug off the stuffiness of winter and embrace the new season, and new trends that join it.

A cursory search of trending colors reveals an eclectic mix of pastels, bright colors, and the occasional punch of bling.  Thoughts of vintage Bianchis jockeyed by the sort of grungy hipsters that fill the sidewalks of our fair city abound.

So how do the short glamorously girly skirts paired with masculine jackets from the runway translate into the interior environment?  It’s simple, just mix it up with a little bit of industrial and a little bit of glam.

My favorite compositions have been somber colored rooms, a hint of that northwest authentic edginess, and the inclusion of unexpected details like tufted upholstery or the cabriolet leg.  I would love to see just such a room with some glammed up LA2 beams.

So what are my trending color picks for the Three beams?  I envision a composition of Pure Gold + Ghost, Reef + Aloe + Hush Gesso + Ghost, and maybe even throw one or two Coral + Hush Gesso + Ghost.  All that’s needed is a salmon-hued tutu, leather jacket, and pair of gold studded moto boots.

Pure Gold   Reef + Aloe + Hush Gesso + Ghost  Coral + Hush Gesso + Ghost

Our esteemed author in her natural habitat.

Our esteemed author in her natural habitat.

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