A Peek Behind the Fold – James Coury

by Amy on November 1, 2012

This week on Illuminate, we are featuring a ‘Peek Behind the Fold’ and interviewing Artisan James Coury.


Position: Artisan
Time at LightArt: Roughly 2 years
Famous For: His Electric Vehicle

Illuminate: Why an Electric Car?

James: It’s actually an Electric Vehicle – because it’s not really a car, more of a motorcycle with 3 wheels.  But why did I get it?  I guess I just got tired of burning fossil fuel and hauling around 3,000 unnecessary pounds of steel.  Living in the northwest, most of our power is hydro-power, so an electric car is more sustainable into the future.  When I was growing up, I was always building motorized toys and contraptions, and if I had the time, I probably would have built my own electric car from scratch.

Illuminate: How often do you drive your Electric Vehicle?

James: I drive it every work day – my commute is about 13 miles round trip.  I would probably drive it almost all the time if it had more than one seat.

Illuminate: What kind of vehicle is it?

James: It is a Corbin Sparrow (#334 of 350) – they are enclosed 3 wheel motorcycles that were made in California from 1998-2004.

Illuminate: This wasn’t on my list of questions, but I have to ask – if you had a million dollars, would you buy a Tesla?

James: I would prefer a Tango, it is a tandem 2-seater.  But I suppose I probably wouldn’t turn down a Tesla.

Illuminate: What do you at LightArt, in 10 words or less.

James: I utilize design and sculptural skills to build handmade lighting.

Illuminate: What is your favorite LightArt fixture?

James: The Sun Chandelier

Illuminate: What is your favorite thing about being an Artisan at LightArt?

James: Working with my hands, designing things that people have never seen before, and working with all of the awesome people here.

So that wraps up this Employee Profile – check back often to learn more about LightArt and, in James’ words, all the awesome people that make it happen.


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